Annual Outreach Events

Crestwood 2015

Crestwood Elementary Nature Fair

Every April since 2010

Every year Crestwood Elementary School in Bon Air has a nature fair and plant sale for their students. We volunteer to teach the kids and their parents about entomology alongside other animal exhibits and craft activities. We bring plenty of hornworms and cockroaches for them to hold!

Explore the Outdoors 2015

Community Idea Stations Explore the Outdoors

Every April or May since 2013

This is the largest event we attend every year. The Community Idea Station (WCVE, PBS affiliate) organizes over fifty lcoal groups to have outdoor activities for the whole family. We bring our assortment of live and preserved insects, including our hornworms. We also lead "Bug Walks" through nearby Huguenot Park - we usually find abundant cankerworms at this time of year. The kids always enjoy getting their hands dirty searching for "bugs" to show their parents and learning about insect science!

Bumblebee Jamboree

Bumblebee Jamboree at Maymont Park

Every June since 2013

Maymont Park hosts the wonderful Bumblebee Jamboree as part of National Pollinator Week. Activities include crafts, games, a live butterfly safari, and our display of live insects. Maymont has may beautiful gardens filled with pollinators and other insects. This event is sponsored by the Chesterfield County Office of Virginia Cooperative Extension.

Boofest 2015

Community Idea Stations BooFest

Every October since 2013

This is another great event at the Community Idea Stations studios. The activities, crafts, and stories are aimed towards children 2-8 years old and their families. We bring our "creepy crawlies" and a good dose of science. Despite the Holloween theme, we try to convince the kids (and their parents) that most insects are not scary!


Blacklight Night at James River Park

Summer or Fall every year

We have an insect collection and observation night every year at the Reedy Creek enterance in James River Park. This event is a chance for local families to come out and see the abundance of nocturnal insects along the James River. It provides an excellent opportunity for our entomology students to add to their collections and interact with the public.